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Quarry Crusher

Quarry Crusher

Jaw crusher is the most commonly used crusher in quarry plant, with large crushing ratio, uniform grain type products, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc., there are two types of sub-coarse and fine broken, material to be broken up to 320MPa. Which medium-sized jaw crusher is one of the leading products in crusher industry ,MCC particularly in the design and production of large jaw crusher, has been in the leading position. Jaw type quarry crusher high output, low production costs, in the process of crushing materials, has an unparalleled advantage.

Quarry Crusher Features

  • using the most advanced manufacturing processes and most high-end production materials.
  • the movable jaw assembly adopts high-quality steel castings constituted by two large steel flywheel drive. Further heavy eccentric shaft has also adopted forging billet for processing, all from makes quarry crusher with exceptional reliability.
  • bearing using integrated cast steel structure. The whole cast housings to ensure full cooperation with the broken frame, but also greatly enhanced the radial strength of the bearing seat, and split bearing not have this advantage.
  • using the finite element analysis technology, the quarry crusher has a higher strength.
  • the crushing chamber symmetrical "V" shaped configuration, so that the actual and nominal inlet width consistent with the width of the feed port.
  • the discharge opening is provided with a shim adjustment method, hydraulic auxiliary machinery and wedge adjustment and hydraulic wedge adjustment mode.
  • all quarry crusher is equipped with the same specifications than other crushers larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearings, the higher carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seal greatly extend the service life of the bearing.
  • wear-resistant shield, increasing the effective length of the jaw plate, and higher yields.
  • As standard equipment installation and centralized lubrication system, which makes it easier bearing lubrication.
  • with layering and quick installation support this fixed jaw.
  • the bearing seat installed heavy guard to avoid accidental damage to the bearing housing.
  • the lower part of the jaw support bars are effectively protected rack and moving jaw against wear.

Quarry crushing production line consisting of

  • Main equipment (quarry crusher)for crushing and screening;such as jaw quarry crusher and impact crusher.
  • Belt conveyors;
  • Steel structure, divided into standard and non-standard steel, standard steel generally used for servicing platforms, ladders, and out of the discharge port;
  • Foundation, the foundation into concrete foundation and steel-wide basis;
  • Venues;
  • Operation of the workers;
  • Electronic control systems in general, including cabinet, cables, generators;
  • Dump trucks, loaders, forklifts, excavators;
  • Dedusting system;

Quarry crushing production line Features

  • Multi-stage crushing
  • Class match before and after handling capacity
  • Transit silo design
  • Material size before and after class match
  • Much screen less broken , multi-break less grinding
  • Determined in accordance with production and transport belt height difference
  • Flexible site layout