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Manganese ore related equipment

Manganese ore

Many natural minerals have manganese, but the real value of only a small part of them can be used as manganese ore mining. Are mainly pyrolusite, followed by psilomelane, bog manganese, others such as manganite. Brown and black manganese ore is mixed mineral, rhodochrosite is normally present in the siderite.

Manganese powder processing technology

After the primary crushing ore broken by jaw crusher and cone crusher, finely processed by feeder evenly into the mill, grinding machine, grading and screening will comply with manganese powder processing requirements of high intensity magnetic separation into magnetic separator, and drying to obtain the high purity manganese powder industrial demand.

Manganese ore separator

Manganese ore separator, purification processing machinery and equipment, deep processing of manganese powder, magnetic source is uses the high performance permanent magnetic material of rare earth neodymium iron boron, using high-tech methods to gather together, the equipment has high magnetic field intensity, gradient, less power consumption, advantages of stable performance .

The series equipment is used for the magnetic separation of lean manganese ores, can be smaller than the granularity of lean manganese ore 5 mm high manganese enrichment, 5-18 grade, very good solution over the years of lean manganese ore can not enter a furnace smelting, sales difficult problem.

Investment prospects

The manganese ores were purified by magnetic separation to produce considerable economic benefits. High return on investment. Manganese resources processing to deep processing and fine direction of development, and formed a relatively mature production scale, product batch to enter the international high-end market.