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How to configure the cost-effective granite crushing production line


With the rise of artificial sand, production line with river gravel, granite, limestone, stone as raw materials such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as appeared in china. However, how to configure the highest cost-effective the granite fracture line ?

different with limestone , granite has large hardness , difficult to break, and will cause serious wear and tear to the crusher hammer ,therefore, the crushing process of granite should reasonable design, must lower capital cost and operation cost as much as possible.

granite crushing production line equipment

At present, granite crushing production line choose jaw crusher + impact crusher+cone crusher+vsi impact crusher as selection scheme , but the impact wear broken granite plate hammer is very serious, many owners can not afford such a huge wearing parts wear spending, while the cone crusher and only as middle crushing equipment, three stage crushing will inevitably bring about the high running cost.

In fact, there is a short flow sand process, selection scheme that jaw crusher and sand making machine, to solve the wearing parts wear serious problem, on the other hand, the advantage of high capacity of two stage crushing process of sand making machine, but also greatly reduces the cost of operation, this also is the at present, the highest price of the granite fracture selection scheme of production line.

It is worth mentioning that,MCC sand making machine mentioned above with high productivity, feed size, no plug production, low wearing parts wear advantage, this is currently the best granite crusher.

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