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Dolomite processing


In dolomite processing is usually through a jaw crusher crushing the large size of the dolomite ore into small particles, transported to the grinding mill, through the selecting grinding powder machine will reach the required fineness of products into the boiling furnace calcination, the remainder returned again until the qualified grinding mill. Calcined material qualification into the clinker silo storage or into the product workshop.

Dolomite application

The main purpose of dolomite are widely used in building materials, ceramics, rubber, paper, welding, plastic industry etc. It also has been applied in the fields of agriculture, environmental protection, energy saving, medicinal and health etc..

Dolomite crusher product advantage

  • number of national patent technology, have great originality.
  • World-class manufacturing processes, the most high-end production materials.
  • Finished product fineness can be regulated, fineness uniformity.
  • high adaptable, versatile application.