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coal crusher introduce

Coal crusher

Coal crusher is a new R & D equipment for the coal industry, coal crusher is mainly to solve the problem of crushing the high moisture content of coal . Coal crusher is also called the two-stage crusher, which belongs to the finely efficient equipment.

Coal crushing machine advantages

Coal crushing machine, very good solution for high moisture content , grinding defects up blocked, the biggest advantage of coal crushing machine is can also the normal production in rainy day. Because coal crusher without a sieve bottom and grate bottom. is not like the traditional crusher, once the moisture content more than 8%, will be blocked, or even burning motor.

And if the investment of coal crushing machine, from the particle size of speaking can save investment cost, why do you say that, because the size of coal crusher out very evenly, can be controlled in 2mm (mm), and the traditional crusher must add a screen to screen out the ideal size.

Coal crusher is used to crush coal gangue and miserable in the coal , or crushed coal for daily use. Of course, from the crushed materials, range is extensively, such as crushing coal gangue, shale, coal, slag, cinder, construction waste and so on more than 100 kinds of materials.

In addition, the coal crusher is mainly applicable to brick smash cinder, slag, shale, coal gangue and other raw materials as additive or fuel use.