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Choose the best Iron ore crusher

Iron ore

when said iron ore crushing, high requirements for crusher equipment, after investigation through the gravel on the domestic industry to crushing equipment, sand making equipment, suitable for large iron ore crushing equipment mainly has the following two

iron ore crusher -- single jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing gravel, iron ore, quartz and other hard material crushing, improved design of single jaw crusher, "force reduction" will move in the lower part of the state into a "booster" effect, greatly improve the crushing ratio, to achieve a "crushing" mechanism, can the jaw crusher directly to the bulk material one-time crush into the desired size of the finished.

iron ore sand making machine -- rotor centrifugal sand making machine

Characteristics of rotor centrifugal sand making machine is suitable for crushing high hardness materials, such as gravel, granite, iron ore, quartz and other minerals with high wear preparation of gravel sand. At run time, each in the particulate material in the dual chamber type rotor in high-speed rotation, and then thrown to the fixed back plate, select the appropriate speed can be affected to a great extent and optimize the crushing effect. Therefore, this two crushing equipment has a cone crusher, impact type system sand machine and other equipment irreplaceable advantages in large iron ore.

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