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Development and application of rivel gravel sand making machine

Sand Making Machine

With the natural sand mining limit policy proposed in recent years, artificial sand (sand) gradually into people's vision, the corresponding sand making machine and related equipment of sand stone and also began to familiar with people.

Sand making machine development

The last century ninety's, artificial sand began to promote the use in the southwest China, but affected coastal sand and the local river sand using habits, has not been able to achieve more effective progress, until around the barren hill development, a large number of rocks into the market and achieved recognition mechanism of sand, sand square with its convenient production technology and excellent product performance in aggregate market to occupy a place to live in.

In the use of the sand making machine, in addition to the initial processing of rocks, but also into the artificial sand production process of river gravel, granite, basalt and other materials. System sand machine according to the different raw materials, give full play to the advantage of localization, artificial sand production strength of flying wings.

The vertical shaft type sand making machine developed, over relying on the traditional roll crusher and hammer crusher production mechanism sand history, let the mechanism of sand stone production line efficiency is greatly improved, but also lay a technical foundation for mechanism of sand aggregate supply occupy the dominant position. Development of VSI sand making machine on the basis of the original PCL sand making machine, provides higher security guarantee for the mechanism of sand production.

5X sand making machine just invested in the market, has been recognized by customers, the design concept of safety and environmental protection, won the high praise of sand stone production enterprises.

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